Specialist services


Design, Engineering, Construction and Operation

Feasibility Check and Concept Design

JARI OceanBuilder starting from your purpose and objective, we start with landscape assessment, structural feasibility study, budgeting, operation planning to government licensing, followed by our conceptual design. We turn creativity into realistic vision which is appropriately structured, scoped and designed for your purpose.

Schematic Design and Development

JARI OceanBuilder worked with architects, developer, main contractor, interior designers, and property owners on aquarium designs and construction. With our proven design and engineering, we have collaborated with some of the best companies like Jardine Engineering Corporation, Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated, P&T Architects & Substance to actualize our client’s aquariums.
We can assist architects and interior designer with technical expertise to meet aquarium engineering requirements with perspective drawing, computer aided 3D drawings, shop drawing, system schematic designs and structural drawings.

Construction and Project Management

With our capability of construction and project management, JARI OceanBuilder is able to execute designs of your aquariums or themed attractions from the start to the end. This involves structural inspection and assurance, waterproofing, logistic planning, life support system plumbing, system testing and commissioning. We collaborate with developer and contractors appointed by owner to ensure a flawless execution of your idea.

Livestock Procurement and Operation

JARI OceanBuilder consists of a team of husbandry specialist, LSS technician and operation manager from public aquariums like Hong Kong Ocean Park and Taiwan National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium. We have more than 10 years of operating public aquariums, our clients’ aquariums and our own aquariums. From recommendation of livestock suitable in captivity, procurement, quarantine, husbandry, life support system operation and maintenance, we will provide you with a worry-free and one-stop solution.